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Tan Sateen

Another unusual fabric that can only be found at City Boxers. A sateen is a cotton equivalent to what we know as satin. The way this fabric is made is by changing the weave pattern a bit. A square cloth, for instance, weaves the horizontal and vertical threads up and down through each other regularly without skipping. We have all seen burlap, so we know what a regular weave is, square cloth is just on a much finer scale. Sateens, however, skip threads by weaving one down and two up threads, which creates the smooth, satiny glow and, just by skipping threads in this manner, the flimsy, dangly drape that we love so much. You will just adore these excellent boxers!

Inseam: Standard, 4-Inch
Waistband: Fabric-Covered
Rise: Normal
Fly Fastener: Button
Inside Pocket: None
Size: 42-XL

Perfect! This is a pair that was made by mistake.

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Sale Price: $22.00

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This item is being sold at a reduced price and
thus is not covered by our return policy. These shorts are purchased "as is" and are not returnable for refund or exchange.

Please be advised that the image shown above may or may not be perfectly representative of the boxers sold on this page. Certainly, the style is correct, but maybe not the fly fastener, inseam, waistband, etc. Here at City Boxers, you can have us sew your boxers literally in hundreds of thousands of different ways, we could not possibly photograph all variations and, for the sake of this bargain area, we do not make individual photographs of what we sell (just wouldn't be cost effective to photograph, and then Photoshop an image to sell just one pair).
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