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Providing Excellent Boxer Shorts on the Web Since 1996
If this is your first visit to City Boxers, boy are you in for a treat!
WARNING: City Boxers is not your ordinary boxer short web site.
At City Boxers you are in charge. You choose how you want your boxers made. With tens of thousands of possible choice combinations, I sure hope you like choice as much as I do.
Choice is great, but, this is not what we are known for. Our boxer shorts are extraordinarily well made and more comfortable than anything you will ever wear. If you are a confirmed boxer short wearer, don't miss out on this opportunity to try the best! If, on the other hand, you are contemplating a switch to boxer shorts, our boxers will give you the best possible impression of boxer shorts.
Maybe you will even become a boxer short fanatic like me!
🌃 Made in the USA (by us in the State of Maine)
🌇 The highest quality 100% cotton fabrics
🌃 Generous, 3-panel designs (You will see a lot of hyperlinks like the one above, where the '3-panel designs' section of the statement is in red. This is clickable to get to more information about the highlighted subject.)
🌇 Large 5/8-inch fly button (We can also create your boxers without the button, with a pearl snap instead of the button, or even without the fly opening).
🌃 You can choose the type of waistband you want (Plush inside-exposed 1-1/2-inch wide waistbands or fabric-covered 1-1/2-inch wide waistbands)
🌇 You can choose the length of your boxer shorts (3-, 4-, 5- or 7-inch inseams)
🌃 Forty sizes from 23-XS through 55-4X
🌇 Incredibly informative and easy-to-navigate web site (do browse around here--there is more information here than you can shake a stick at--whatever that means!)
🌃 Secure order processing
🌇 Excellent customer service
🌃 Reasonable prices and shipping charges
All of the boxers created here at City Boxers are cut and sewn to your exact specifications. Since we cut your boxers individually, each pair can be cut to more exacting tolerances. And, we can offer precision sizing for you (No one else is going to offer you 40 different sizes!) and optional fly fasteners (buttons, snaps, no fastener, no fly). If you have never shopped here before, you may want to check our How to Shop at City Boxers pop-up page.
To get a feel for when your boxers might be shipped if you were to order today, check out our Twitter Feed.

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